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Freight Service:

Need something larger shipped?  We can help with that too!

We use Yellow Freight Services for larger items that are out of the scope of what UPS and USPS can ship.  Of course, we still handle the packing ourselves.  Please call for a free cost estimate today!


International Mail:

We make international mailing and shipping easy for you!  Bring in your item, and we will determine the best way for it to get there!  We will even fill out the Customs Forms for you if needed!

Estate Packaging:

We understand that after a death in the family, the daunting task of cleaning out a home and distributing your loved one's belongings is hard enough without having to worry about packing and shipping them to family members scattered across the world.

We make it easy for you.  Here's how:

  1.  Items of value, such as antiques, should be appraised before shipping.
  2. Get the items to Mail Room Etc. with a list of values and where they are to go.  We will make note of the condition of each item before it gets packed for shipping.
  3. We will review all of the contents before shipping and make a plan for the packaging.
  4. Packaging costs will be determined by the time it takes to pack the items safely and the packaging materials needed to do so.
  5. We are an authorized Shipping Center for UPS and US Postal Service. Most shipments are sent via UPS which provides a traceable means of knowing where they are. This also provides $100.00 of free insurance. Additional Insurance is available at a reasonable price. We understand that your items are irreplaceable and we package them with that in mind.
  6. Again, your items are professionally packed, and the packaging is guaranteed 100%.

E-Bay Sales:

The most common lament from eBay shippers is

"I didn't charge enough for shipping and packing!"

Call us, or stop by for an estimate BEFORE you post it for sale.

  • Ship your item insured, using a traceable method so that you know when the buyer received your item.
  • Keep a copy of the final sale for any further verification of sale.
  • Photograph your item or have it appraised in writing if it is worth more than $1,000.00.
  • If you are sending COD, and you haven't dealt with the buyer before, request the UPS option of a Cashiers check or money order only. 

Commonly Packed Items:

We can and will pack anything for shipment.  If it is legal to ship, we can pack it! If you think your item would be difficult to pack, compare it to what we pack on a regular basis:

  • Fine China
  • Computers and Monitors
  • Framed Prints (with glass)
  • Car parts (including bumpers and wheels)
  • Cradles
  • Doll Houses
  • Family Estate Items
  • Christmas Trees
  • Drum Sets
  • Chandeliers
  • Berrigan's Subs
  • Middleswarth Potato Chips

Packaging Guarantee:  100%

Our packaging guarantee means that if any damage occurs and we packaged that item for you, a claim will automatically be paid on insured items.  It's just that simple.  Mail Room Etc. has over 30 box sizes and just about everything else you could possibly need for packaging and shipping, including: Mailer Bags * Envelopes * Photo Mailers * Tape * Bubble Wrap * Brown Wrap * Tubes